Monday, July 12, 2010

Bee Keeping Neighbor

I just read a fabulous article about a woman who lives in nearby Weston and runs Red Bee Honey, a small business located at her farm. Like us, she started a back yard hobby of raising honey bees, and it blossomed into a full time endeavor. Brie and I are visiting her farm today, after I wrote her an email regarding our interest in her venture. In part, here is the note I sent:

"As an aside, we are traveling a similar road in life. A former school teacher, I now stay home full time with my family, and my daughter and I have recently started the hobby of raising chickens, with the help of Judy Morris (Coop D'Etat).

We are so excited to be a part of the sustainable farming movement, and I love the impact this new education, both in back yard farming and animal husbandry, is having on my family. Even my husband and son are excited at the prospect of fresh eggs for breakfast each morning!"

It is amazing to see how many like-spirited people come out of the woodwork through pursuing this hobby. When you dig around a little, you find there are so many neighbors who share your vision! Looking forward to visiting this, and other local farms throughout the summer. :)