Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Red Bee Farm

Here are pictures of our visit to the beautiful Red Bee farm in Weston. We loved meeting Marina, Honey (her dog), and the chickens! We brought home a dozen, gorgeous fresh eggs in a rainbow of colors, wildflower and clover honey and a honeycomb.

We learned that eating honeycomb has several therapeutic benefits for people suffering from allergies, sore throats, and colds. Eating honeycomb helps alleviate the symptoms of all of these maladies, and it's delicious medicine!

I would love to host a honey tasting party some time in the fall, with Marina facilitating the event. How fun would it be to taste honey + wine + cheese on a beautiful autumn afternoon.

A Note from Brie...

Hi I’m Briana! I’m going to tell you a little about our chicks. First of all, their names are Mirabelle, Anastasia, Chrysanthemum, Beatrice, Goldilocks, and my twin, in chick form, is Isis. Yesterday, on July 11, 2010, we gave the chicks a watermelon rind and they pecked at it until they couldn’t eat any more.

Judy Morris, who sold us the chicks, told us that the chicks like to eat table scraps. So, during dinner we brought the chicks one by one to the patio to eat some pasta with parmesan cheese. All the chicks were pecking towards my dad and he was afraid of them saying the chicks would attack him in his sleep clawing him with their feet. He and my brother were so afraid of the chicks they hiked their feet up on to the top of the patio table so that the chicks couldn’t peck at their toes. Ha! Ha!

My mom told my dad that from her research on chickens that these small, feathered birds are descended from giant dinosaurs, like the huge-scaled Tyrannosaurus Rex! So, my brother made a joke saying if a Tyrannosaurus Rex looked down from heaven and saw a tiny chicken he would laugh and say, “But the only thing in common are our feet!”

We put the chicks back in their coop one by one and when I put the last chick in Beatrice walked out and said, “What happened to the pasta and parmesan? I can’t be left with water and corn feed!” Then all the chicks looked over at her and said, “Spoiled chick.”And that’s the end of our day! -- Cheers! Briana