Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifty Girls Make Good

Because we own chickens, our taste buds have changed and we can barely eat meat any more. So we decided to go vegetarian and my mom asked, "What should we have for dinner?"I thought and thought and said, "Ratatouille!" My mom loved the idea so we looked up recipes for Ratatouille. It turns out, Remy’s Ratatouille… you know, from the Disney movie, is a recipe we found on line. It looked delicious, and I said, “This one’s a winner.” So, we packed up our market bags and headed to the local Farmers’ Market in search of zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers and tomatoes.

As we were looking around the Farmers’ Market, we saw lots of fun veggies such as beans, corn, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. When we found all the ingredients we needed, we searched for lunch. My mom scanned the market until her eyes came upon a pizza place with fresh pizza made in a wood burning stove. The smell was delightful and I went in to a heavenly trance of pizza. My mom and I looked up and down the menu and saw gooey cheese pizza with tomato and black olives. My mom and I agreed on that pizza and ordered. We were standing by the cash register as the pizza guy was gathering our total. "Ten dollars!" he said. My mom looked in her wallet and said, "Oh no, I only have nine." I made a huge gulp until the pizza man said, "It’s OK.” We got a discount!

The pizza man said it would be a five minute wait, so my mom said, “Let’s buy a drink." We walked up to a pie stand that sold fresh squeezed lemonade for $3.00. My mom looked through her wallet, dug in the bottom of her purse and said, “I only have change," so she handed me quarters, nickels and dimes. We counted our change and came up with only two dollars. My mom sighed heavily and I said, “Maybe we will get another discount!" So, my mom asked the pie lady if there was a special discount we could get because we only have two dollars, not three. She said, “Sure!” and filled a cup with ice and lemonade. Yippee!

We walked back over to the pizza guy and picked up our pizza and sat at a table in the cool shade where we ate each slice to the crust. Then, we spotted a man from a produce stand who was just about to throw away an ear of corn until my mom asked him if she could take it for our chickens to eat. He said it has worms in it but my mom said, “That’s OK, chickens eat worms!” So he gave it to my mom and we headed out, full and happy with groceries and even a treat for our chicks.

Then we headed to the knitting store. We arrived at Westport Yarns in search of nice yarn for some scarves my mom and I could knit. As we were looking around my mom asked one of the people that worked there if they had any children’s classes. They said they had one tomorrow and my mom thought it would be perfect! My mom picked out a lovely cream colored yarn and I picked out a nice purple yarn. I am going to make a cute, stuffed turtle pillow while my mom knits a scarf for her sister. I've invited my friend, Juliana, who is in the picture above, to join me for the knitting class tomorrow to make her own turtle, and then come for a playdate at my house, so that we can have fun with the chickens.

And that’s the end of our day’s adventures! Sincerely, Brie

PS We made Remy's Ratatouille for dinner and it was positively delicious!