Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh No!

It seems we've run "a-fowl" at the Beller farm. Our beloved white Leghorn, Chrysanthemum, (not pictured) was caught crowing like a cockeral at dawn. Henceforth, she will be known as "Chrys," until we verify her/his gender. We knew this might happen, though we hoped it wouldn't.

Brie is devastated by the news, as expected. Eric offered up a solution: serve her for Thanksgiving supper. Brandon had another idea: kick Chrys "down there" and he will go back to being a she pretty quickly.

I'm going to call in an expert to figure this one out, though we will have to do this soon, or else we will have unexpected offspring in addition to fresh eggs. Not to mention, our neighbors will hate us.

If found guilty of being a he... "Chrys" will have to be re-homed to a farm that favors this rather noisy testosterone-filled creature. Chickens, anyone??? Stay tuned....