Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Farmstead Egg Cookbook

With so many eggs in our future (once all of our pretty hens start laying them, naturally!), I begin to wonder what I will do with all those tasty orbs. I can sell them to friends and neighbors, donate a dozen or so to my favorite locavore restaurant, LeFarm of Westport, but what to do with the rest? After all, there's only so much Spaghetti Carbonara one can eat, although, if it were up to my better half, this would be served up as a daily dish each evening.

Enter Terry Golson's, The Farmstead Egg Cookbook. Professional chef, accomplished author and fellow hen keeper, Golson promises over 70 healthy recipes that involve our chicken's little treasures, and I will be blogging about each creation as I cook through this book over the next several months. Certainly this is not the ambitious endeavor that created the "Julie and Julia" blog-turned-megamillion-dollar-movie phenomenon, but I dedicate my energy and burgeoning culinary skills to make the most of this project, regardless.

From scrumptious and innovative dishes like Pesto Vegetable Quiche, to Moroccan Tangine with Meatballs, or how about Sweet Potato Pie with Bourbon-Meringue topping? Now, that sounds positively sinful. Right up my alley... my mind is swirling with visions of eggs in their myriad shapes, sizes and colors, like the ones pictured above in Golson's cookbook. Did you know that they come in a rainbow of shades, from chocolate, to caramel, peach, even aqua? Our diverse flock of hens will create a colorful foundation for memorable meals in the weeks and months to come.

Speaking of sinful, eggs are not the target of any current smear campaign, provided they aren't tainted by commercial negligence. Eggs from responsible farm sources are regarded to be a healthy source of a high protein, low carb diet. The American Heart Association has even relaxed their egg consumption guidelines. And eating organic, farmstead eggs means richer flavor, a deeper color and a better textured egg than what you find in your local supermarket.

Golson believes that eggs are the ultimate comfort food, and Brie and I couldn't agree more. She will, no doubt, be my partner in crime in the kitchen, and we will happily share with you the results of our favorite recipes from this delightful book. Stay tuned....