Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enter... Bun-Bun

It's a good day to be a rabbit, I must say. Last weekend, Brie and I ventured to our local Humane Society to visit "Puff," a retired classroom bunny, who was no longer allowed in the school due to changes in policy regarding allergies and other related issues with keeping classroom pets.

Poor Puff. A gorgeous, three year old, lop-eared treasure, this bunny needed a home. Brie to the rescue! My daughter had always wanted a rabbit (along with a pony, a cow, a goat, a llama, you get the picture). And so, for her 11th Birthday gift, we acquiesced, and there we were, adopting a bunny of her very own.

We brought Puff home, Brie promptly changed his name to "Blitzen" and soon even that name went by the wayside in favor of the more colloquial "Bun-Bun," much to my husband's chagrin. Bun-Bun is not high on my better half's list. Eric has recently come around to thinking the chickens are cool, thanks to the fact that they are now, finally, providing him with a steady source of breakfast. The hounds, by definition, are cool, because, well, they are dogs. Bruno wins the prize for being the world's coolest dog, due to his playful, engaging demeanor, not to mention his wiggly, wet nose that sniffs you enthusiastically with every embrace.

But a bunny?? Granted, there's nothing masculine about a rabbit. And true, they don't do much. Other than hopping about and looking cuddly, guys are not simpatico with rabbits because they don't interact with gusto, and they don't produce... anything, other than rabbit pellets. We even engaged in a Facebook war over chickens versus rabbits, with friends writing in to respond to the query: "Which would you rather cuddle with, a rabbit or a chicken?" The rabbit won, paws down. And Eric cried, "Bunny bullies!" It's not easy being the loser.

If I can talk Brie into carefully placing chocolate eggs in and around the nesting box for my husband to find, then, perhaps, he'll have a change of heart. Until then, bunny is on the South end of his list. Bunnies are a "girl" thing. We know this, and our Bun-Bun is well loved by at least two members of the family. Which is more than he had before... sitting in a lonely cage at the animal shelter.

Bun-Bun will live out the remainder of his rabbit days benefiting from our daily cuddling and carrot treats. He will play with the chickens in the spring and summer, and be housed in luxurious comfort when his two story hutch arrives shortly. The hen cam from Terry Golson's site provided us with the inspiration to pair the chicks and the rabbits during the warm weather, once they are used to each other. For your amusement, be sure to check out the Hencam.

Our future, expanded chicken coop with run will house the bunny hutch on warmer days ahead, and the two species will live in relative harmony, providing us with endless entertainment during the year. And you never know, Bun-Bun could work his bunny way into my husband's heart, eventually. One can always hope.