Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happiness is a Water Heater

Happy Feet & Brie in the Snow

Aaaahh. The sound of silence. Or better yet, the white noise of gentle clucking heard outside my door. This is the return on my investment.

After being struck down for nearly five days with the most wicked stomach virus I have ever experienced, I finally mustered up the strength, just yesterday, mind you, to venture up to Monroe's Agway store with Brie and pick up that long-promised water heater for the hens. While there, we discovered another jewel: a heated water bottle for Bun-Bun. What a bonus! Could hardly believe our good fortune.

So, Brie and I packed up our new purchases and hurried home to install warmth and comfort to our furry and feathered friends. This morning was the payoff. As the hounds and I tiptoed to the family room to nestle into our respective snuggle spots, I listened for "the girls," and heard...nothing. I leaned in, and music to my ears, the sound of soft cooing and clucking was the only thing whispering out into the snowy vapor.

By force of habit, I trudged through the snow to visit the hens anyway, offering them a token of my affection: a quartered apple, which they gobbled with delight. Did I see the glint of gratitude in their beady eyes as they gazed up at me? No... must have been my imagination.

Bun Bun was equally enthusiastic in his greeting, periscoping up from his porch to receive a pat on the head. Dear Bun Bun. So easy to please. And naturally quiet. What a pleasure to keep, especially in contrast to my other children: two spoiled hounds, a precocious fifth grader and an irascible teenager. Still, I love them with all the passion a human heart can hold.

Peace, at last, reigns in our home, thanks to a couple of water heaters. Happy New Year, everyone, from my crazy menagerie of two and four legged creatures - to you and your families. May abundance shower down upon you in the New Year.