Monday, January 3, 2011

Which Breed of Chicken Are You?

Buff Laced Polish

I'll bet you didn't know that there are, quite literally, hundreds of breeds of chickens in the world. That being said, rest easy with the knowledge that for every person, there is your very own "soul" chicken.

Just like we all have a soul mate breed of dog (for us, it's the Greyhound), there are hens out there that we are equally simpatico with, for their appearance, temperament, possibly even the color and/or shape of their eggs. So, the question remains, which is your chicken?

For my husband, dear Eric, it's the Blue Silkie Bantam. How we came to know this? Because we've made our selection of eight day-old baby chicks for the spring, pre-ordering them on, and he rebuffed our choices, saying he needed to find "his" chicken. We showed him several pictures of a variety of hens, described their quirky personalities, and this was what he picked:
Blue Silkie Bantam

Words fail me regarding his selection. But there it is.

As for the rest of you, feel free to go out to MyPetChicken, and select your breed. And as for wondering why in the world we are doubling our flock of hens... it's to feed our friends and family their eggs. (The demand is high around here for fresh, farmstead eggs.) That, and you can never have too many chickens. They are simply too much fun!

Here's a list of our new babies: Easter Egger - for those fabulous blue-green eggs, Buff Brahma Bantam - because Brie thinks they're cute, Barred Rock, Buff Laced Polish, White Cochin, Speckled Sussex, Buff Orpington, and of course, Eric's Blue Silkie Bantam. Look up the chicks, and check your compatibility. I would love to hear your choices. :)
Buff Brahma Bantam

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  1. Hi mommy!
    I think I'm a Buff Brahma Bantam! They are cute and they look like Beatrice! I wonder if they all lay greenish blueish eggs like beatrice our ausomly ausome americana!