Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moving Day


The girls are ready to move... "up town!"
We are so excited... the big day arrived!

Time for the girls to move into their brand new home.

A perfect way to spend Mother's Day weekend.

The girls enjoy their new chicken run.
The coop and run are a combined 160 square feet of living space for the girls.

Terry Golson, of, advised us on the chicken wire... which covers even the top of the run to keep the hawks out.

We also leaned on Terry's wisdom for roosting bar instructions as well as her chicken keeping website that directed us to the nesting box vendor.

We couldn't be happier with the new set up, and I would venture to say that our girls agree. (Note: You can click on any of these pics to enlarge the image and get a clearer view.)

Awesome nesting boxes!
Lady Gaga needed a private tutorial on where to lay her eggs.
If you would like to see the whole photo story, click on "The Beller Chicks" for the Shutterfly Share site:


  1. Love it!!! This is what I had in mind when we get a farm someday! Great job guys! I am sure the ladies are happy.


  2. Wow, what a beautiful chicken set-up you have! It's so pretty and clean. Love it! Thanks for sharing this at the Homestead Barn Hop this week!

  3. Gorgeous setup! So fun to watch your progress, and obsession, with your ladies!

  4. Wow! Awesome new home! I'm impressed.