Friday, January 21, 2011

From Outdoor Pet to Indoors: The Big Move

Brrrr! Since moving to Connecticut, we have never seen such a winter. Knee deep in snow, again, with temperatures plunging into the single digits over the next couple of days, we have been promised a repeat blizzard for next week.

Caring for outdoor animals is challenging in frigid weather, but downright miserable when snow storm after snow storm, combined with rain and ice, repeatedly hurdle toward us. This harsh season has led Brie and I to believe we have given our newest family member, Bun-Bun, the short end of the carrot stick.

His domicile arrangements were on the patio as of this morning, in a beautiful, new hutch, but despite our best efforts, he was buried under snow and ice, and I had the pleasure of digging him out each morning. Granted, he was dry inside, but looked positively droopy with his ears hanging a bit lower each morning that I greeted him.

Brie and I felt sorry for the poor fellow, so you can imagine what we did. Our project this morning: shovel out Bun-Bun and relocate a 50 pound hutch to Brie's play room on the second floor (oh yes, just Brie and I lugged the wooden home up a flight of stairs... Brandon was sawing a log in his room... typical teenager that he is on a snow day).

We were also inspired to give the furry boy his first "spa day" experience, complete with an oatmeal bubble bath and blow out. Pictures speak volumes, so you can see how that went:

"Spa day" was a messy experience for everyone, but with a happy ending. A clean, fluffy rabbit was well worth the effort. (Brie thinks that he smells much better too, all the better to cuddle with.)
Bun-Bun's relocated home is far more hospitable, and the hens agree. Now they want in.... and Bruno wants to "play" with Bun-Bun. Oy vey! Out of the frying pan and into the fire, as the saying goes.

For more pictures of Bun Bun's journey indoors, as well as other pics of our hens, please visit our Shutterfly Share site, "The Beller Chicks."
The bunny hutch fits right in to Brie's play room.