Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Another Ordinary Sunday

Beatrice, post de-lousing, looking disgruntled.
On a typical Sunday you will find us in the backyard, Brie chasing after her chickens, me... slaving over the coop, cleaning and fussing about, making the hens' home presentable. Yesterday, however, we added a new experience in our feathered friends' lives: de-lousing.

Yes, chickens can get lice, particular to this species, and not only is it nasty to have, making them uncomfortable, it can prevent the hens from laying those delicious eggs on which we rely for sustenance.

The snow from this winter left our girls' dust-bath-less, until fairly recently, which is problematic in that this is the method chickens use to rid themselves of these pesky parasites.

So, just to be on the safe side, we picked up some poultry dusting powder and went to town, so to speak. Our girls went topsy turvy to be de-loused. Bottoms up!
Brie's lookin' like a rock star here, strummin' her hen's bottom.
A little too much powder there, sister...
Not exactly a chicken's idea of a good time.