Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Move: Part II

And here we are, on another bright Sunday afternoon, just shy of the first day of spring. We had the itch to do something, anything, outdoors, to prepare for this warmly anticipated season. What better way to celebrate the upcoming bloom of springtime than to... move Bun Bun outdoors again.

That's right, the more seasonable weather beckoned to us as being the perfect opportunity, and just in time, as Brie was showing definite signs of allergies to the furry fellow. Though he wasn't sleeping in her room, he was, in his winter domicile, residing in her playroom, and she would emerge red-eyed and sniffly after petting him. So, best to get the bunny used to the great outdoors again.
The girls enjoy a good roll in the dirt while we move bunny.

Bun Bun will surely benefit from the sights, smells and sounds of nature, while relishing the stimulation of frequent visits by both Brie and me, along with being checked out by our curious hounds... while remaining in a safe enclosure.

Another benefit is more room to roam, as the run we created for Bun Bun is secured to the hutch, allowing him to leave his house and periscope up while exploring his front "yard."

Once again, pictures tell the story better than words, so today we took advantage of the sunshine and, while free ranging the "girls," moved the big boy outside:
Brie secures the run to the bunny hutch, so that Bun Bun can get his exercise.
The hens and bunny entertain each other with their antics.

Bun Bun enjoys his snack of lettuce while basking in the sunshine.