Friday, April 15, 2011

Prepping Our Girls for the Green Earth Fair

Preparing Beatrice for Inspection
This morning, our hens had an unusual visitor. A state inspector from the US Department of Agriculture stopped by to check out the girls, all in preparation for the Green Earth Fair at Earthplace, being held on Saturday, April 30.

Our birds are being tested for communicable diseases, so as to protect the wildlife rehabilitation center's residents (of the furry and feathery persuasion) from being contaminated by our pets. Not that they will come into contact with any of them. They will be seated on our laps the entire time.

We are accompanying author Terry Golson while she reads her book, Tillie Lays an Egg, and leads a Q&A session on backyard chicken keeping. Since it would be a major ordeal to bring her birds across state lines for the event, we volunteered to help Terry with this endeavor. Our girls, Goldilocks, Beatrice and Lady Gaga, (and possibly Happy Feet... IF she promises to behave herself) have been invited to attend the affair, and will take turns sitting quietly on Brie's lap, clucking softly and cuddling with her while guests ask Terry questions about the joys of keeping chickens.

Brie thought this was hysterical!
During the visit today, Brie had the pleasure of learning just how the testing goes, and had the bonus experience of learning how to safely hold dear Goldilocks topsy turvy by her feet, which, apparently, puts chickens to sleep. Brie got a kick out of this... And Goldilocks did, indeed, fall into peaceful slumber. Zzzzzzz. (See comments below.)

Happy Feet's not too happy.
The rest of the process went smoothly. The birds were amazingly docile throughout the procedure, acting like this was just another day in the life of a chicken. Brie even got to help... Here she is "banding" Happy Feet. Now the girls have bling, oh yeah.

Take a look at Beatrice and Lady Gaga.... Those girls can really take it all in stride, an inspiration for the rest of us.

Beatrice was such a good, little patient.

We look forward to the big event at Earthplace on April 30, and hope to see our local readers there.

Brie and I will have coloring books, word puzzles and calendars to hand out to our visitors, courtesy of the Department of Agriculture.

Lady Gaga looks oblivious, but then,
she always looks oblivious.

For what our girls went through this morning to earn their place as guests of honor, we hope they enjoy the experience too.

And for another perspective on the upcoming festivities, be sure to check out Brie's blog post called, "Event," on her blog, Lit'l Crazy Chickz.