Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The New Arrivals

Finally! After months of waiting with great anticipation, the baby chicks have arrived. It is an auspicious day, indeed.

Just as I was finishing up my morning chores and sitting down for an early lunch, I got "the call," from the Post Office.

"Your chicks are here!" a cheery voice echoed.

"I'll be right there!" I shouted excitedly back into the poor woman's ear.

Forget the food... I was off and running, straight to Brie's school to scoop her up (Yes, they were called and forewarned that this was going to happen).

Everyone at the school was good natured about the early pick up, joining us in the moment with enthusiasm and happy wishes, and seconds later, we were zooming down the Post Road, uh, staying at a safe... ahem, speed, of course.

We were greeted at the PO by a rather grumpy postal worker, but even he, after seeing Brie's face, aglow with joy and infectious giggles, couldn't suppress a smile. He handed over the box to her, ever so gently, and after checking on our wee ones, we headed for home.

Welcome Home, Babies
The chicks' brooder had already been set up, complete with food, fresh water, and a heat lamp. Brie's playroom-turned-nursery was ready and waiting for the baby girls.
Having a Blast

After letting the chicks rest and get some nourishment into their tiny bodies, we took them outside, and under the vast expanse of a blooming Magnolia tree, nestled safely in Brie's lap, the chicks enjoyed their first photo shoot.

By clicking on The Beller Chicks, you'll be able to view our photo album, which includes all the details of the day, including chick-by-chick introductions. Enjoy, and feel free to comment on the pics!

We are already in love with our feathery fluff balls, and can't wait to share stories of their many adventures with you. Watching them grow and change with each stage of life brings us back to appreciating the moment and living in the present.... very grounding.

Spring has most definitely sprung in Westport, and these little ladies are a welcome addition to our family in this season of renewal.

Chick Heaven