Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Lengths That We Go To

This miserable, rainy day inspired me to post a few happy updates on the goings on around here at the Beller "Farm."

I made photo books for the moms in the family, using the Shutterfly site.

They turned out great, thanks to the adorable subjects for the project. Above is the cover pic. Too cute! I hope that Brie and Brandon's Grandma and Gran, respectfully, will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

And yesterday, we had our new chicken coop delivered to the back yard. It was quite an ordeal, and we sacrificed one of our fence posts for the cause.

The delivery guy was losing his mind with the difficulty of navigating our fence and hilly terrain, and would have lost it completely if it weren't for the superior interpersonal skills of our carpenter, Bruce.

Bruce is building the run for our coop as well as a raised bed vegetable garden. He successfully coaxed the delivery man through our dismantled fence and, voila!

Now we have our 8X8 playhouse barn that will be magically transformed, with the help of six nesting boxes and a multi-level roosting bar, into the Taj Mahal of chicken coops for our girls. (Do you see the temporary quarters for our hens in the right foreground? They're wishing they could move... like, yesterday, to their new abode.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the chicks are getting restless in their brooder box, so Brie takes them out a few at a time to play in her doll house.

Nugget, our Blue Silkie Bantam, looks quite content to lounge on the diminutive couch. Star, on the other hand, is looking a bit terrified at the sight of Ken. Barbie should really come to the rescue!

The lengths that we go to to make our chickens happy... it's a wonder we get anything else done in our daily lives.

Yet, here we are. Stay tuned for more updates as the transformation of our back yard from "suburbia" to "mini-farm" continues!