Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day at Sundance Hill

It's a little too quiet around the Beller Farm. Brie's away at camp, Brandon has an internship, Eric's swimming in the Long Island Sound (yes... he really is), and I sit here pecking at the keyboard, listening to the soft clucking of our "girls" in the back yard.

The Beller Farm will henceforth be known as "Sundance Hill." We actually named our home last year, when asked to market it for sale. Deciding we wanted to stay instead and grow vegetables and a feathered menagerie, we took it off the market, but kept the name. Now, we will officially adorn our home with a brass plaque dedicated as Sundance Hill Farm.

Our house is a traditional New England colonial, perched on a sunny little knoll, and with a generous back yard that is relatively flat, except for a dip to the far left, we have been able to plant a bountiful garden and raise a few chickens.

While we don't have the acreage of an actual working farm, we strive toward sustainability in the true spirit of farm life.

Brie thinks the addition of chickens are what legitimize our efforts, and her friends agree. Our newest members of the flock will not be contributing to our sustainable life style until early autumn, but we are enjoying their journey to maturity nevertheless.

Each bird has her own personality, so I thought I would take this peaceful morning to share a few pics of chicks, so readers can see how they are growing.
"Madonna," our  Buff Laced Polish, is tiny, but feisty!

 "Nugget," Our Blue Silkie Bantam... a five toed, fluffy buddy for Brie
"Skye," a Splash Maran, will lay chocolate colored eggs!
"Penny," A Speckled Sussex, is named after my mother.

"Petunia" is our Barred Rock, a New England heritage breed -- and quite cuddly!
 Brie's highly suspcious that this Black Copper Maran is gonna be a rooster,
so we dubbed her, "Victor/Victoria."

Tender, sweet, "Buffy," our Buff Orpington, coos like a little dove.

And "Pip," our pip-squeak of a hen, a Buff Brahma Bantam,
makes up for her diminutive stature with personality!
They are 8 weeks old in these photos, and since having moved outdoors to live alongside the big girls, are thriving, I'm happy to report.

So, no fireworks happening here. Independence Day is low key around Sundance Hill Farm. Just us chicks.

The babies will be introduced to the hens during free range time in a month, when Brie returns from camp. Until then, they live in their "junior" coop, alongside the girls, dreaming of the day that they can enjoy life in the "big house."

Our chicks have grown a lot since they first came home to us in April, and we look forward to them merging with our adult flock at summer's end.

When the little ones lay their first eggs, our backyard farm will be overflowing with edible gifts to share amongst friends and family.

So much to look forward to, and to cherish each day. Happy July 4th!!