Friday, July 8, 2011

Dust in the Wind

Chickens like to get dirty... and I mean really dirty. Which is how they get clean, in a manner of speaking.

One of the most entertaining aspects of having chickens is watching their quirky antics, like the compulsive scratching and pecking they do... constantly.  If they aren't scratching, they're probably sleeping. To be awake is to scratch.

And this is what they do when they bathe. They scratch and peck at a bare patch of ground, and then they roll in it, kicking the dust up and over themselves, showering dirt down into their feathers.

You really need to click on this pic to appreciate the full impact!
This is how they rid themselves of pesky parasites, like lice, and other formidable bugs that will make them miserable.

It's an instinctive behavior, though if I'm not mistaken, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Isis, our Australorp, poses for the camera.
When the wind kicks up, things can get out of hand, dirt flying in every direction. But on this day, it was bright and beautiful outside.

Brie and I spend sunny afternoons watching "chick television," and giggle at the show that our girls put on for us... at least we like to think they're doing this for our benefit.