Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marvelous Madonna

Blind as a Bat
Our little Polish hen, Madonna, has a problem.

Well, she has more than one problem, but the most pressing of her issues is her inability to see.
Happier Days... When She Could See

The younger Madonna, as a wee chick, was heaven scent. Fluffy, adorable.

As she grew, so did her head feathers, and this is when the trouble began.

Before the trouble started...
We knew going into this, that Polish hens were high maintenance. Due to their fancy plumage, a certain amount of grooming is required.

Our friend and chicken keeper extraordinare, Terry Golson of Hen Cam, explains that because of their top heavy mop, Polish tend towards being, "socially stupid." Boy, was she spot-on.

Now, nearing maturity, our dear Madonna has lost sight... of everything. Yesterday, I watched her fly straight into the coop... wall. Ouch.

I've also winced at the sight of her flock mates leaving her in the dust, running for cover at the sound of something that could be predatory, while she stands - abandoned - in full exposure in the center of the yard. Clueless.

And in the winter, their head feathers can actually freeze if they get wet, making it nearly impossible for them to hold their heads up. Oy vey.

Nugget: "I'll be the Look Out, Madonna. You just sit there."

Brie rescues both girls from their perch over the garden.

Poor Thing.
 Today, she gets a feather trim.
Can't see the forest for the trees.
Here she sits in a garden full of edible delights.
Tomorrow, I'll blog the results of her trip to the Beller Beauty Parlor.