Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Family Farm

Patti's Peeps at Sport Hill Farm
After a "Family Fun" day of touring several local farms, feeding and turning in our "girls" for the evening, and watching the extraordinary film, A Shine of Rainbows, Brie and I hunkered under the covers to read aloud a chapter of Charlotte's Web.

EB White's perennial classic hearkens back to an earlier time of simple pleasures; family, friends, and farming were the mainstay of American culture.
Bountiful Produce

Our favorite farm, by far, yesterday, was Patti Popp's Sport Hill Farm. Patti and her family started Sport Hill back in 2001, and it has grown into an educational center for organic farming in Easton and the surrounding towns.

Sport Hill offers a summer camp for kids and adult education programs, as well as internships for students wanting to learn more about farming.

Patti's farm boasts beautiful organic produce, plus local merchandise from like-spirited vendors.

On this Farm Tour day, she shared space with caterers that use Sport Hill's abundant fruits, vegetables and fresh eggs to demonstrate their services. There was Watermelon Mango Soup to taste... yummy! And marinated tomatoes served over fresh bread. Scrumptious!

Patti was a gracious hostess, greeting all her visitors with a wide smile. During our brief chat, we discussed the challenges of educating people on seasonal produce, as well as understanding that a few worm tracks on organic tomatoes does not mean they are ruined. (In fact, they are quite delicious!)

Artfully Arranged
I lamented to her my issues with zucchini, and bragged about our modest success with cucumbers. Only farmers and gardeners share this dialogue with a unique passion for all things green.

While I chatted, Brie was a busy bee. Click, click click! My budding photographer took every picture you see in this blog post, and she thought Patti was "simply divine." We both admired how much she has accomplished in only ten years.

Sport Hill is a model for what we can all accomplish if we put our minds and hearts into action.

Proud of Our Cucs!
Brie and I dedicate today's post to all those kindred spirits with a dream to build something beautiful for their families, even if it is just a small backyard farm.

Our Lovely Australorp, Isis

Tomatoes Galore!