Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on, Irene!

The Girls... Ready for Anything
Irene is coming. Of that we are certain.

Our town, along with many others, is preparing for the worst. And hoping for the best.

After grocery shopping for all the essentials... food for us, biscuits for the hounds, corn on the cob (as a special treat) for the chickens, and carrots for the bunnies, we turned our attention to securing the backyard.

Nighty-night Sleepy Heads
Patio furniture brought indoors. Check. Flower pots set in the garage. Check. The chicks will be safe too, now that they have integrated with the adult flock. This happened as of last night... they were gently carried in, one by one, to sleep with the big girls, after living and free ranging alongside them daily for the past few months.

We were urged into this with the impending hurricane, fearing for the chicks in the small coop that may/might very well tip over in the wind. Now, rest assured, they are all quite safe, having the generously sized (and weighted) playhouse-turned-coop in which to take shelter from the storm.

A Safe Haven for Bun Bun
But, what to do with Bun Bun? We were worried for the big guy. His hutch is pretty secure... but still. It could get knocked over. And, for sure, he would get wet with all that rain blowing sideways.

So, Brie and I came up with the bright idea of putting a wire cage inside the coop for him. This is where he will rest for the night, and into tomorrow, as long as necessary, until the worst passes.

The Garden... Pre-Storm
From all of us... whether human, feathered, or furry, to all of you facing the same challenges in prepping for Irene, may you and yours be safe.