Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowtober Survivors

Safe and Sound
A snowstorm in October. At once, unexpected, and quite unsettling.

Echoing throughout the town was the eerie, un-autumn-esque sound of crackling branches, breaking off in droves, crushed under the weight of heavy, wet snow.

Roads were blocked, power outages affected a good third of our community, and most businesses closed. People hibernated... early.

I peeked out the door during the storm to check on our girls, worrying about them under the full foliage of our maple tree.

Racing to the coop door, I grabbed their water can and refilled it to the brim in our kitchen sink, then returned to the coop and placed it inside. I gave them each a quick pet and wished them well, collecting eggs and stuffing them in my pockets.

A Sturdy Coop is a Good Thing
As I walked back to the patio, a crashing thud from behind shook me to the core.

Glancing over my shoulder, to my surprise... a large branch now laid where I just stood.

But the sturdy coop and the girls were safe, and so was I. Phew!

A fig leaf would have been a good idea here.
Sorry, folks.

And then there were the hounds. Unaffected. Oblivious, even.

This morning... a wide yawn from Bosco pretty much says it all.

We survived Snowtober, and we are no worse for the wear.
Yawn. Another day, another snowstorm.