Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Clean Up

Skye and Al Pal Head to the Garden
What a mess. The girls' coop was long overdue for a major clean up.

Brie and I dedicated Election Day (after I voted, of course) to making their world right again.

Brie cuddles with Petunia.

We decided the best approach was an exchange... "Girls, you winterize the garden by eating up what's left and turning over the soil; we'll clean out your home for you."

This partnership made an otherwise boring chore a little more fun.

I was rooting for Bun Bun.
Buffy... cleanin' up those veggie scraps!

During the exchange, Bun Bun made a break for it.

Rather than helping retrieve the furry rodent, I enjoyed taking pictures of the big chase.  Much more entertaining... for me, that is.

A dust bath is always a good idea.

Soon, the girls were enjoying a dust bath while watching us work away, sweeping out cobwebs and old bedding and spreading new pine shavings.

Bun Bun enjoyed watching the excitement from the safety of the garden too.

"Working" in the garden.
It's a tough job... but somebody's gotta do it.
What ch'you lookin' at?

Now, everyone can enjoy a refreshed home, and settle in for the chillier months ahead.