Thursday, December 29, 2011

Veggie Chicks

It's official. Here at Simply Chicks, we've declared our New Year's resolution for 2012: to be total tree huggers. Meat is now off the menu.

Yep. We've gone veg. And we're pretty darn happy about it.

Following our girls' lead of mostly vegetarian fare, (save for the few bugs and worms they hoover up in the back yard), we've decided that in the best interest of the planet and sustainable living practices, that a plant-based diet is the way to go.

We were first inspired by the wildly successful Toronto based campaign, Be Veg, along with the tag line, Why Love One but Eat the Other?

After watching the campaign's video we were convinced. If you click on this video... be forewarned, it's very persuasive.

Brie's only regret is giving up cheeseburgers at school. Apparently, they are the only thing worth eating in the cafeteria. She's going to need some creative solutions. Perhaps the How to Eat Veg page will help.

As for dairy and eggs, of course, since we aren't vegan, they're still on the plate. And we have lots of recipes that use both, as well as our local farmers' market and Graze Delivered to buy our dairy supplies.

The other night Brie was inspired to make vegetarian sushi for us, and salmon rolls for her brother and dad.

They were gobbled down in seconds. Far less time than it took for her to create them.

Brie learned this culinary art at camp last summer. She makes it look easy... Bravo!

So, wish us luck in our new venture. It's another step toward healthy eating and sustainable living.... here's to reducing methane gas and our carbon footprint on the planet.

Oh... and if you're wondering what happens to those end cuts of the sushi rolls, look no further than the coop in our back yard. Happy New Year, everyone!