Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here's the Poop...

Brie and Marshmallow
Rabbit poop, that is. Yes, it's that time of year again. Starting a garden, buying bunnies...

"Bunnies?" you say. "Why, bunnies?" Because they're 'cute and fluffy,' according to my daughter.

More importantly, they are God's gift to gardeners when it comes to free, nitrogen rich, organic fertilizer. Some gardeners insist that they are better fertilizers than anything you can buy in the store, because they are a "cold" fertilizer and come in self-contained time-release capsules.

By cold fertilizer, this means you don't have to let them age or compost the way you do using horse or chicken manure. Simply collect, scatter and let nature do the rest. Gardeners call rabbit manure "bunny gold" for a reason.

This is how I defend our decision (our, meaning, Brie and I) to keep these fuzzy fertilizers in our backyard farm. Plus, they keep the chickens company, and they're entertaining, at least to us girls.

And contrary to my husband's belief, they are lagomorphs, not rodents. So, no, you cannot say they are just cute, cotton-tailed "rats." Lagomorphs are a distinct species, of which there are many varieties.

Yesterday we brought home, "Clover," an English Spot. She came from Wakeman Town Farm, where the stewards, Mike and Carrie Aitkenhead, bred beautiful bunnies for families to adopt.

Marshmallow & Clover
Fast Friends
The surprise came when we drove to our local feed store on the same day to retrieve supplies, and Brie spotted a small, white bunny with bright blue eyes.

"Marshmallow!" she proclaimed, scooping the bunny up in her arms, clutching the wiggly fur ball to her chest, as if they were long, lost soulmates.

"Oh, no." I sighed. "Let me check.... yep, it's another girl."

"Pleeeeze, mom? Clover neeeeeds a friend."

A Bunny & Chicken Powered Organic Garden
The rest is history. Alas, I have no willpower when it comes to pleading children and adorable critters.

At least I can argue that they will be as useful as our chickens in providing us with ample fertilizer for our garden this spring.

Our feathered friends provide us with their "chicken gold" as well as egg shells.... we pulverize the shells in a blender and scatter them in our garden beds.

Voila! Calcium carbonate galore for our veggies and flowers. Happy Gardening, everyone!


  1. What a fantastic and educational post! I love it! Maybe I can convince the hubs to allow for a bunny now amidst the cats, dogs, and fish. LOL

    1. Bunnies are like potato chips. Bet'chya can't have just one!

  2. And Mr Bean's angora undercoat spins beautifully with wool. Or just felt it into little bunnies....... ;o)

    1. I'm trying to find a local spinner who can use Mr. Bean's wool. Our first "harvest" was a bit rough, but Mr. Bean seemed to appreciate the attention. :)

  3. What an awesome post. I can't believe how much I just learned, before 9 am on a Monday morning! Beautiful photos as well. Thank you, Elizabeth!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Brie and I are truly learning through doing... and love sharing our triumphs as well as our mistakes along the way. :)