Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Springtime Ramblings

What a spring we've had here at Sundance Hill Farm! Last weekend we were one of the hosts for the Wakeman Town Farm Chicken Coop Tour.

Hundreds of folks from around town came to have a peek at their neighbors' backyard coops, and, we hope, were inspired to return home to start their own flocks of feathered friends.

A tiny visitor bonds with Marshmallow.
Brie and I enjoyed showing off our gardens, chickens and bunnies.

Marshmallow and Clover stole the spotlight.... being the center of attention by hippity hopping to and fro before an adoring audience.
Leslie Yager, a local reporter for the Patch,
took this wonderful pic of our girls.
This little guy was fascinated by the porch,
and peeking inside the coop.
Kids checked out our chickens and our coop, loving the front porch and mini barn door to peer into the goings ons that happen inside a small chicken house.

Brie gives Angie some lovin.'
We also had a chance to visit Angie, the rescue chicken from Wakeman Farm, after the farm lay fallow whilst the controversy surrounding the Farm was in full swing.

Angie, we are happy to report, is thriving in her new home and lives with her BFF (Best Feathered Friend), "Queenie," in luxurious accommodations in our dear friend, Susan's, backyard. Her plumage is full, deeply colored and irridescent.

Dare I say, that poor, once homely chicken, is now beautiful. Angie is yet another example of resilience, and proof that loving care makes all the difference in any life.

Brie took this pretty pic of pansies.
Back at our little farm, our family is enjoying a bountiful spring, with flowers a-bloom and yummy treats growing in our garden, that our hens would just love to get their beaks on, but can't, thanks to our critter proof fence.

Spring lettuces. Yum!
We'll be sure to share our leftovers with them.... if there are any left!

Showing off our vegetable garden during the Chicken Coop Tour.
Happy Spring!


  1. What a gorgeous farm you have and I LOVE your chicken coop! xxxx