Monday, June 11, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Darling Loola, Sitting Pretty
The deed is done, and if Loola and Lacey could smile (chickens cannot... they have fixed expressions), they would be grinning from one chicken ear to the other (yes, they do have flat, little ears on either side of their head... friends are always surprised by this, but it's true).

Yesterday was the big day... we waited nearly two weeks to return our resident bully, Madonna, to the coop, to rejoin her sisters.

Madonna had taken to picking on our tiny Cochin Bantams, and enough was enough. Brie and I took matters into our own hands and put her in the slammer for a while to cool off.

Reintroducing her was a simple process, and we anticipated three possible outcomes:
  • Outcome #1: Madonna would be hen pecked by the other girls a bit, since they wouldn't recognize her and perceive her to be a new member of the flock.
  • Outcome #2: All the girls would recognize Madonna and welcome her back with open wings.
  • Outcome #3: Madonna would remember how much fun she had picking on "Baby Girls," Loola and Lacey, and instantly resume her terrorist activities.

Dear Lacey, Looking Perky
We scattered some tasty meal worms in the run to distract the girls a bit, and a friend of the family unceremoniously tossed Madonna back into the fray.

Fortunately for our Buff Polish hen, Outcome Number One was the winner. Loola and Lacey stood secure in the chicken run, happily foraging for hidden treats under the pine chips, while Madonna was sent scuttling into the coop by the queen of our flock, Miss B (aka Beatrice, our Easter Egger).

Last night, Madonna sat, grumpily, on the lowest rung of the roosting bar... dejected, but no worse for the wear.

Madonna... Put in Her Place
By the Others
Peace and order have been restored to the Simply Chicks flock, I'm happy to report, and it was a pleasure to sit with my morning coffee, watching the girls quietly go about their business... no bullies allowed.

Clover & Marshmallow
Enjoy Playtime in the Yard

And Brie and I can go back to caring for our happy flock, harvesting those gorgeous eggs, and playing with our bunnies, Marshmallow and Clover, without having to worry for our "Baby Girls" safety.

Phew! Mission accomplished.


  1. Congratulations on achieving flock harmony! We once had a terrorist cochin bantam rooster. I asked advice from many sources and tried them all, but the bird was totally incorrigible, even attacking humans. We had to find another home for him, one with dozens of roosters. Last we saw of him, he had learned manners and was hiding behind the nearest woodpile. We were allowed to take home a terrifically friendly rooster in exchange. Ugi, the new guy, wasn't as beautiful as the cochin, but his offspring won prizes at the local fair. Maybe the best trade I even made, chicken-wise! By the way, I love your chicken portraits!

    1. Thanks, Lesa! Glad you "traded-up" for a better rooster. I'm amazed at how aggressive hens can be... no need for roosters in my flock! Thanks for the complement on our chicken portraits... Brie took this pics!