Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Remembering Lady Gaga

This is going to be a sad post... so best grab a hankie. Last night, our dear Lady Gaga was attacked by a predator, while she and the flock were free ranging. It is our first loss since we brought home the girls, and Brie is grief stricken.
From the beginning...
The joy that this little hen brought into our lives is best represented in pictures, so we dedicate this post to our dearly departed Polish, Lady Gaga.

She stood out.
Aways a favorite.
Always a friend.
A real character.
A faithful companion.

A clown.
She marched to the beat of her own, little drum.
And was a diligent protector of those smaller than she.
A lover of dust baths,
But a sour puss during bath time.
A more engaging bird you'll never find.
Rest in peace, Lady Gaga. You will be sorely missed.