Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Joy of Chickens

Brie holding a Lemon Cuckoo Orpington.
There are your garden variety chickens, and then there are fancy chickens.

Last weekend, the kids and I visited a very special neighbor. Jacqui Roth, who grew up in the UK, and lives in a gorgeous, renovated historic home in Weston, breeds heritage birds. She incubates and hatches eggs, and caters to a more "haute couture" client base of chicken keepers.

Among her flock, she has Orpingtons... not just Buff, but a more exotic variety of breeds, such as Lavender and Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons.

Jacqui also has Show Girls, whose little, black naked necks are so soft to the touch, and grow up to be stunning representatives of the chicken species.
Show Girl Chick

This little cochin took a real liking to Brandon.

We visited with a variety of Silkies, Cochin Bantams in a rainbow of colors, and Jacqui will be bringing home Cream Leg Barrs at the end of February that are auto-sexed. The female chicks go for $79. Cream Leg Barrs reportedly lay the most beautifully brilliant blue eggs. Wow.

Tolbunt Polish

And to make chicken keepers drool even more, she's bringing in Tolbunt Polish eggs to hatch as well.

We plan to return to Jacqui's with a few friends this weekend. It will be nearly impossible to resist the temptation to buy one... or two... or three of these gorgeous girls. Wish us luck.

Blue Cochin Bantam
(Brie's Favorite!)