Monday, January 30, 2012

Wakeman Town Farm Chicks!

Carrie and Brie inspect a petite Cochin Bantam.
Simply Chicks went on an adventure yesterday.

We accompanied our dear friends, the Aitkenheads, back to Jacqui's place for a "look" at some beautiful chicks.

The Aitkenhead family are stewards of Wakeman Town Farm. And what would a town farm be without chickens?

Naturally, we brought a pet carrier - just in case. And of course, we had already set up a brooder back at the Farm.

What happened next was all too predictable.... enjoy the pics!
Decisions, Decisions.
Ethan reaches for his chick, "Nugget," a tiny Black Silkie.
Kids & Chicks
Perfect Playmates
Farmer and Chick.... Bonding Time
Mike holds a Lavender Orpington.
Brie is holding one of our newest additions,
a petite Blue Silkie. We also selected a Blue
and a Lavender Cochin to bring home.

Family Bonding
Congratulations to the Aitkenhead Family
on your new flock of happy chicks!